Let Us Conduct A Fund-raising Auction For You

Auctions can be a fun and entertaining way to raise money for your organization, church or club. Unique Vintique offers auction fund-raisers for profit and non-profit organizations conducted by a licensed auctioneer. 

Our auctions give your guests a place to buy items they both want and need. For those who’ve never been to an auction before, it gives them a taste of what an auction entails, the flow of the delivery and sale of items, the singsong tone of the auctioneer, and the excitement of winning a bid. There’s no other feeling like it. 

Fund-raisers for non-profits
Unique Vintique offers auction services for free at your site.  

We will show you how to collect items for auction sales on your own and through your connections, or partner with us to provide you with items for a small fee from the sales. Our auctioneer also works for free and we ask that you present him with a small donation for his service.

Our team will work out the details of the auction with you, including a specified date and time, marketing of the event, bid sheets and other documents, rules for bidders, set-up of the auction and determining the value of the donations.  

Fund-raisers for for-profits
For for-profits, we charge a 10 percent fee from the sales of items at the auction. All other services are the same as for non-profits.  



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